martes, 22 de enero de 2013

Books to Film - Twilight

twilight saga
We all have had our favorite books turned in into movies at some points, or perhaps even TV shows. There are countless film adaptations for popular books and series, such as HBO's Game of Thrones based on the book series by George R.R. Martin.  Some of these turn out fantastic, while others flop and leave readers desperately trying to convince their friends that the books really are good despite the movie.  I'm going to write a series of articles about these book to film conversions, and this will be the first of them.  This particular post will be longer than my future posts on the subject, because I will be covering all 5 of the movies.  Fear not, this should be the only one that is a literal wall of text!

As a book series, The Twilight Saga has seen great success.  I personally enjoy the characters and story, but the writing had its flaws.  This is not a book review however, so I won't be going into detail about what I liked or disliked about the books.  This post is meant to analyze how the movies compare to the books, and my own thoughts on the character portrayal and such subjects.

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